Organisation and thanks

The original idea came from few people in fall 2012. The organizing committee consists of :

  • Balázs Kégl : Appstat-LAL group and CDS Paris-Saclay.
  • Cécile Germain : TAO-LRI group and Université Paris-Sud.
  • David Rousseau : ATLAS-LAL group, Atlas Higgs into tau tau analysis group.
  • Glen Cowan : Royal Holloway University London, Atlas statistics forum.
  • Isabelle Guyon : challenge organization Chalearn
  • Claire Adam-Bourdarios : ATLAS-LAL group, Atlas outreach group.

The advisory committee consists of:

  • Thorsten Wengler : CERN, ATLAS management
  • Andreas Hoecker : CERN, ATLAS physics coordination, and TMVA team
  • Joerg Stelzer : CERN, ATLAS and TMVA team.
  • Marc Schoenauer : INRIA-Saclay

For any question of general interest about the challenge please consult and use the forum provided on the Kaggle web site. If you really want to reach directly the committees, please use

Many thanks to the ATLAS outreach team Steven Goldfarb, Kate Shaw and Abha Eli Phoboo for the social media coverage and web pieces.

We would like to thank the ATLAS experiment and the CERN organization for providing the simulated data for the Challenge, LAL-Orsay for serving as the official organizer, the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science, Google, and INRIA for providing financial assistance, and Kaggle for hosting the Challenge.

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