Go starting kit

Go is a statically-typed programming language (like C/C++) with concurrency builtins to ease coding.

The kit provided here (courtesy of Sébastien Binet, LAL) is the simplest one using Go and nothing else (heavily based on the simplest python kit). It makes a simple window selection on just one variable.

How to run the kit:

  1. setup Go (following this page), if not done already
  2. Install the starting kit from https://github.com/sbinet/go-higgsml: $go get github.com/sbinet/go-higgsml
  3. in one directory, download (from Kaggle) training.csv, test.csv
  4. run the program : $go-higgsml
  5. submit to the kaggle site the resulting go.submission_simplest.csv

Questions/suggestions about this kit preferably through the Challenge's forum on Kaggle